The Beginning of the end of Marijuana Prohibition

Eric Holder, the new US Attorney General says Obama’s promise to stop DEA raids on Medical Marijuana is now official policy.That’s good news for Michigan residents who are hoping to use the new law without getting caught up in Federal prosecution.

DEA to stop Marijuana Raids

Now we have to wait and see what will happen to recent cases in the system that were started before Obama took office.

Just Say NO to Pop Tarts

Let’s all say NO to Pop tarts and all things made by Kellogg.

They are perpetuating stereotypes about marijuana by dropping Michael Phelps.  According to the National Institute of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse, link,  these are all side effects of smoking marijuana;

  • Psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, depersonalization
  • Impairs the immune system
  • Impairs short-term memory
  • Impairs attention, judgment, and other cognitive functions
  • Impairs coordination and balance
  • Increases heart rate
  • Increases risk of chronic lung disease and infections


And we can see these effects on Michael Phelps, right? Um, NO. Michael is mentally healthy, focused, disciplined, determined, and in excellent physical health.

Instead of people reflecting on how an occasional episode of marijuana use obviously hasn’t hurt Phelps’ performance one bit he was pressured to apologize.

We don’t need irrational hysteria, we need logical thinking. Michael Phelps photographed with a bong ought to give people an opportunity to rethink the propaganda on marijuana.

If Michael Phelps smokes now and then, it disproves all the hysteria.

So I say boycott Kellogg products.