How Long Does it Take to Get your Marijuana use Card?

People keep writing to me to ask this question. According to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs,

“If you submitted your application more than 6-8 weeks ago and have not received your registry ID card, please call 517-373-0395 and select option #3.”

And from their FAQ;
How long does it take to receive a Medical Marihuana Program (MMP) registry ID card?
If a patient does not receive a denial letter within 20 business days from the date the MMP receives an application, the registry ID card should be received within 60 days. Please allow a full 60 days before contacting the MMP if the card is not received.”

So if you have been waiting more than 20 days for your card, that’s actually GOOD NEWS, it means they didn’t deny your application.

Link to The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website.


Watch out you don’t get in trouble with the Feds

Despite Michigan’s law, you can STILL be charged with a FEDERAL CRIME if you don’t follow the Michigan law strictly.

These THIRTY SEVEN people were charged with a FEDERAL INDICTMENT for growing and selling.

Be careful out there people. You DO NOT want the feds after you!

The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition Facebook Page

If you “like” using Facebook to show the world what you are into, you could visit this FaceBook page and click on Like or Follow. Or maybe you just want to visit it without liking or following.

Good Article in Hour Detroit Magazine

There’s a really good article in the HOUR DETROIT MAGAZINE May 2014 online edition. It covers Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent public statements, the history in Michigan, the No arguments, the Medical argument, and the legal battles.

Here’s a link to the article;
Hour Detroit Magazine Gone to Pot Article